Get To Know Jake

I moved to the Memphis area in late 2001 to finish some post graduate work. In 2004 I realized that was not my calling in life and soon found myself working for a wedding photographer.

The first time I helped at a wedding, I was handed a backup camera to get some extra shots and fell in love with it immediately. Ironically, it was the fact that I was left alone to finish the reception with a camera I knew nothing about and a dying battery and still rocked it that really brought out the creative drive in me.

From that point on, I spent what felt like every waking hour learning everything I could about wedding photography. Having spent my college years studying English and Political Science, I decided once I set out on my own that I needed to invest in my future and spent the equivalent of a college education in time and money learning my new craft.

I began to photograph weddings at a seemingly nonstop pace until the end of 2011 when I took some time off for a personal sabbatical. In 2012, I took the trip of a lifetime traveling through Europe and the surrounding regions with just one bag and my camera.

Being away for just those few months gave me a renewed vigor for weddings, and it also gave me a broader perspective as to what I value in this life. Because I want to deliver an amazing client experience as well as beautiful photographs to every client, I am limiting the number of commission I accept each year.

I feel fortunate to have been commissioned for weddings in Europe, the Dominican Republic, and several states.